Limited time level 80 boost for new players!

All new players joining from 3/4/18 to 1/5/18 will be awarded with Level 80 boost,

Join now the growing community of NRG-Wow!

* Will be awarded as DP to be used on store to buy a boost, only 1 per player.

Group Recruitment Campaign!

NRG-Wow Group recruitment campaign starts!

Every group of 3 or more new players that join the server together will be awarded with Boost and T8 to help you keep up with the pace. The Promotion will be awarded manually only after a GM has verified the credibility of it.

NRG-Wow Recruit a friend campaign!

How does it work?

Login to your account and go to the User panel, you will find a link there that you can use

to invite people register, When someone that registered from your personal link reaches level 80

Both you and your recruit will be awarded with 800DP. 

The reward will happen only once per recruit.

NRG-Wow Recruitment Campaign

All existing accounts have been awarded with 1400 DP.

and All new accounts created from 18/2/18 until 4/3/18 will have automatically 1400 points ,

enough to buy a Level 80 character boost and a T8 Set.

If you had any friends that wanted to join... now is the chance!

Welcome to NRGWow

WotLk 3.3.5a 5x Blizzlike Server - TrinityCore Latest compile

You can register here

in order to connect and download please read this page

Dont forget to vote for Free credits by clicking here

NRGWow official Discord server here

Facebook page can be found here

Check for usefull Addons here

Latest News

2/4/2018 Today quick update hotfixes:
Magtheridon unaccesible bug fixed
Priest: Inner focus wont consume itself when using it.
Razorgore in BWL should now be killable

Warlock pet damage has been balanced (Thanks @Nagoras for reporting and helping reproduce /testing the fix)

Shaman grounding totem should now properly be consumed by spells like Wind shear/Fear/Hex/Polymorph.
Gold rates has been reduced from x 5 to x 2

15/3/2018 Today at 1 am GMT the server is going to be down for maintenance, expected downtime: 2 hours expected

6/3/2018 Starter packs for new characters will be on store for 50 VP/DP (The daily votes awards 60 VP, so they can be bought from straight after registration and voting)

1/3/2018 Free level 80 boost and T8 Promotions have been extended until this sunday 4/3/18!!

Server status

12 / 1000
set realmlist