How to connect

1. First of all, you must create an account. The account is used to log into both the game and our website. Click here to open the registration page.

2. Download Wow from here (Torrent, if you dont have any torrent installed please download one from here) , or alternatively you can use any client 3.3.5a that you may already have just follow the next steps

3. Open up the "World of Warcraft" directory. then delete the "Cache" directory, after that go to the directory called "data", then go into the directory called either enUS or enGB, depending on your client language.

4. Open up the file called "" with a text editor such as Notepad. To do this, you must right click on the file and choose properties, then select notepad as the default software for files with the ".wtf" ending. You may also just start the text editor and drag the file into the edit window.

5. Erase all text and change it to:

set realmlist

You may now start playing! If you need any help, do not hesitate to create a support ticket.




Optional Downloads:


Usefull Addons here


Texture, characters and creatures models from legion (in order to them work properly you need to delete your other models that you already own and also delete "patch-enUS-w.mpq" located in "World of Warcraft" directory -> "data" directory -> "enUS " directory):

1. First dowload the mod that you want (you can use all of them at the same time).

Texture mod here. credits for creating this mod Finsternis.

Creature mod here and here. credits for creating this mod Finsternis.

Character mod here and here. credits for creating this mod Finsternis.

2. Open the "World of Warcraft" directory. after that go to the directory "data" and extract the mods from the rar there.

3. Dowload the patched WoW.exe from here. then open "World of Warcraft" directory and replace the WoW.exe with the patched one.

Latest News

29/4/2018 Today quick update hotfixes:
Fixed a bug with Cross faction BG that made you momentarily lose the racial skills if you relog while transformed in a battleground

Malygos reset on 2nd phase should not happen anymore

ICC gunship mages will now properly freeze the cannons

Mutliple tweaks and fixes for the passive anti cheat system.

2/4/2018 Today quick update hotfixes:
Magtheridon unaccesible bug fixed
Priest: Inner focus wont consume itself when using it.
Razorgore in BWL should now be killable

Warlock pet damage has been balanced (Thanks @Nagoras for reporting and helping reproduce /testing the fix)

Shaman grounding totem should now properly be consumed by spells like Wind shear/Fear/Hex/Polymorph.
Gold rates has been reduced from x 5 to x 2

15/3/2018 Today at 1 am GMT the server is going to be down for maintenance, expected downtime: 2 hours expected

6/3/2018 Starter packs for new characters will be on store for 50 VP/DP (The daily votes awards 60 VP, so they can be bought from straight after registration and voting)

Server status