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Latest News

29/4/2018 Today quick update hotfixes:
Fixed a bug with Cross faction BG that made you momentarily lose the racial skills if you relog while transformed in a battleground

Malygos reset on 2nd phase should not happen anymore

ICC gunship mages will now properly freeze the cannons

Mutliple tweaks and fixes for the passive anti cheat system.

2/4/2018 Today quick update hotfixes:
Magtheridon unaccesible bug fixed
Priest: Inner focus wont consume itself when using it.
Razorgore in BWL should now be killable

Warlock pet damage has been balanced (Thanks @Nagoras for reporting and helping reproduce /testing the fix)

Shaman grounding totem should now properly be consumed by spells like Wind shear/Fear/Hex/Polymorph.
Gold rates has been reduced from x 5 to x 2

15/3/2018 Today at 1 am GMT the server is going to be down for maintenance, expected downtime: 2 hours expected

6/3/2018 Starter packs for new characters will be on store for 50 VP/DP (The daily votes awards 60 VP, so they can be bought from straight after registration and voting)

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