Character Migration now Open!

Want to move to NRG-Wow but cant stand leveling all over again?
No problem, NRG-Wow has opened character migration!


The migration request will be done by filling the form here (need to be logged in. if you dont have an account yet, register here

After you have succesfully posted a migration request on the page a GM will verify it and approve/disapprove depending on the application.  Be sure to check the page every now and then to see if your request has been approved

Please note that since the server is progressive and content is locked. the migrations wont be character clone but just a template
that you will be able to use on a recently created character to boost him to level 85 and get with it the following:


Blue gear around ilvl 333.
Apprentice, Journeyman and expert riding
Cold weather flying and Flight master's License.
x4 Netherweave bag
10k Gold.
Bronze Drake mount


Given the fact that the migration is not a clone of the character but just a premade template, you wont have to delete your character in your old server, just verificate it.


The migrations are limited to only 1 character per person, and it will come in form of a purchase item on store that you can apply to any existing character you might have here regardless of race and/or class.

NRGWow Recruit a friend campaign begins!

Recruitment a friend campaign begin!

All players will get a unique link that they can share, every player that registers using that link will be registered as your recruit.

When any of your recruits reaches lvl 85 with one character both of you will be awarded with 800 Vote Points. Thats right! you both will get rewarded!

You can find your unique link on the user panel as in the picture shown below


After you give a friend your link you can verify he is succesfully registered on the same page under Total Recruited players and you can also check how many recruits you have been awarded from on Awarded for X players

Please note that the Vote Points(VP) will be granted as a daily process so after your recruit reaches lvl 85 you will be awarded the next day.

The campaign will also get the EXP bonus with the standart rules which means your partner will lvl at 7x when you are around and with a toon of max 4 lvl difference!

Thats it! bring your friends and get VP! Easy as that!

BOT, Totfw, BWD Now opened!

Now that the realm first race and a rough launch is after us, the first tier of raids has became available for the cata realm

Dont foget that the PVP season will start in 2 days (July, 26)

for newcomers here is a breif look at the stats of the server:

Exp 5x

Drop: Normal x3, Green x4, Rare x2, Epic x1

Gold, Profs, Reputation x3

Honor x2

Conquest x1

Skill levelup chance ( Blizzlike): Orange 100%, Yellow 75%, Green 25%, Gray 0%.

Less than 2 days for the grand opening!

So, the grand opening is almost here, and we have decided to make a short article to help you be prepared for the opening.


Download the client, you can find the instructions on this page, please note that as written there we strongly recommend using the full client because some players have issues with the minimal one.


Test that you can connect! thats right... you can verify its working by trying to connect and checking if you see the realm in the list like this (if you have any trouble delete WTF and Cache folder)

If you can see this picture you are all set and ready to login the moment it launches!


Get some useful addons for the game here


Inside the game remember to check "Low level quests", this can help you not get lost due to high rates


Found a bug? that sucks, but please help us by reporting it on our bugtracker here, please note that you must follow the format and the rules specified in the bugtracker.


Lastly, here is a final view of the server rates:

Exp 5x

Drop: Normal x3, Green x4, Rare x2, Epic x1

Gold, Profs, Reputation x3

Honor x2

Conquest x1

Skill levelup chance ( Blizzlike): Orange 100%, Yellow 75%, Green 25%, Gray 0%.


Thats it! We hope that you will enjoy your journey on NRG-Wow!


NRG-Cata Release timeline!

Please check the timeline flow for the releasing dates. Please note that future changes might change to adapt the situation by then

Cataclysm Realm release date!

Cataclysm realm will be released on July 19, 2018!


The realm will be 5x experience with server progression starting from first raid content (Totfw and BoT)

Progression will be based on guilds progress through the content.


Join us on the adventure and help us free azeroth from the  Twilight's Hammer and Deathwing!

Lich king realm changes!


All Players now start off as Instant 80 and all spells learned.

Season 5 Vendor (ilvl 213 and offparts pvp)

Tier 8.5 Vendor (free/few gold pve gear up to ilvl 226)

Free Mount Skills on Character Creation

Free x4 18 Slot Bags

All Class Glyph Vendors

15000G Starter Gold to use as you want.


The server cannot be longered labeled as blizzlike, it has been changed to instant 80, fast start raiding server.

NRG-Wow Cataclysm realm Announcement!


We are happy to announce the launch of a new cataclysm realm to our server.


The cata realm will be launched in a few weeks, More details will be announced soon.


Be ready to fight the hordes of the twilight hammer and gather parties to take on Deathwing.


Character copies from our LK realm will be available once the Realm first achieves are claimed, this to give an equal chance for everyone to get the achievements.


The LK realm will remain as it is, and wil continue getting updates and fixes. Stay tuned for more details!

New changes!

NRG-Wow (Wotlk 3.3.5 only) will permanently grant one lvl 80 boost to new players.


and as well 3 players joining to gether will also get the pre raiding set (naxx 25) and 5+ people joining together will get T8 (manually verified by GMs).

This will come as a 800Vp to automatically awarded to all new accounts, that VP can be used to get a Level 80 boost on the store under the misc tab.

Please note that you have to create a character first and be logged off.

For all question and helps please come to our discord:

Welcome to NRGWow

WotLk 3.3.5a 5x Blizzlike Server - TrinityCore Latest compile

You can register here

in order to connect and download please read this page

Dont forget to vote for Free credits by clicking here

NRGWow official Discord server here

Facebook page can be found here

Check for usefull Addons here

Server status

NRGCata 4.3.4 (4.0.6 Content)
Medium rates, Progressive
NRGWow 3.3.5a
Instant 80
set realmlist

HK Ladder